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English Mood teaching system

English Mood is based on three strategies, which are complementary, and make painless the process of learning English:


Classroom learning, where students practise spoken English and listening exercises, learn grammar and vocabulaty, get oriented to pass their English exams, and get motivated to study further English at home. 


Online contents, where students learn and practise grammar, pronunciation, listening, writing, vocabulary, and can take mock exams samples.

Personal English Environment (PEE), where students learn how to use selected free online and offline resources to learn and practice english anywhere, anytime. Also, these resources are multichannel, multidevice, multicontents and multilevel.


These three strategies can be completed with online practice over videoconference and multiconference tools. All the learning process is online and paperless, so students needn´t buy neither books, nor any extra learning material. We prepare for Trinity ISE and GESE exams, and for Cambridge PET and First exams, working on examples and practising both formats along the course.

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